High Performance Computing (HPC)

Task view from CRAN: High Performance Computing

package inline: Functionality to dynamically define R functions and S4 methods with in-lined C, C++ or Fortran code supporting .C and .Call calling conventions.

package Rcpp: integration of R and C++.

package snow & snowfall: explicit parallelism


Seamless R and C++ Integration with Rcpp

(This article was first published on Revolutions)

A new book from Dirk Eddelbuettel, co-author of the Rcpp package, is now available. Seamless R and C++ Integration with Rcpp can be ordered fromSpringer and from Amazon. The book provides the first comprehensive introduction to Rcpp, the R package that makes it easy to integrate C++ code with R and speed up R code. If you haven’t come across Rcpp yet, this Google Techtalk provides a good introduction to Rcpp, as does Hadley Wickham’s Rcpp tutorial.