R and Web

This post collect resources of R and web, including web development using R, and sharing R codes even slides via web interface.

Web Dev

  • rCharts (R to JavaScript): a very powerful package to create, customize and publish interactive javascript visualizations from R using a familiar lattice style plotting interface. Tips: 1) generate time series chart by Richshaw, 2) Method html() gives the html code.
  • d3Network: create d3 JS directed network graphs.


  • R Markdown: a format that enables easy authoring of reproducible web reports from R. In practice, knitr package first weaves R markdown (.rmd) files into plain markdown (.md) files, and then markdown package converts markdown files into HTML documents.
  • Sweave: weave Rnw files into TeX files that are then compiled into PDFs. The purpose is to create dynamic reports, which can be updated automatically if data or analysis change. In practice, you may use knitr (homepage), an R package that adds many new capabilities to Sweave.
  • Slidify: write slides in Rmd format.