?help! Instant R search on Rdocumentation.org

Last week, I was working on an educational R project when I needed to consult the help files of different R packages and functions online. After doing some Google searches, it appeared to me that finding an easy-to-use tool was not as simple as I had expected. The closest that I got, were the websites Inside-R and R search, but as a user it wasn’t as “smooth” as what I was looking for. (I needed something really user-friendly for this educational project). Therefore, inspired by the documentation websites of programming languages/frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and AngularJS, I decided to build an online documentation search interface for R myself together with colleagues. Check the result on www.Rdocumentation.org!

Checking R documentation online instead of with the built-in R help function, can often provide some extra benefits. First, you are capable of searching through the latest version of…

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